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Bergère de France

34 results
Merinos 2.5 (Various Colours)
Calinou (Various Colours)
Caline (Various Colours)
Barisienne (Various Colours)
Unic (Various Colours)
Ecoton (Various Colours)
Orilis (Various Colours)
Coton Satine (Various Colours)
Pur Merinos Francis (Various Colours)
Merinos Alpaca (Various Colours)
Merinos 4 (Various Colours)
Merinos 7 (Various Colours)
Barisienne 7 (Various Colours)
Galaxie 100 (Various Colours)
Barisienne 12 (Various Colours)
Pure Douceur
Baltic (Various Colours)
Reflet (Various Colours)
Paradou (Various Colours)
Goomy 50 (Various Colours)
Recyclaine (Various Colours)
Blizzard (Various Colours)
Fileco (Various Colours)
Lumis (Various Colours)
Siberie (Various Colours)
Sport (Various Colours)
Ciboulette (Various Colours)
Plume (Various Colours)
Coton Fifty (Various Colours)
Ideal (Various Colours)
Teddy (Various Colours)
Magic + (Various Colours)
Filomeche (Various Colours)
Alaska (Various Colours)
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