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West Yorkshire Spinners

Situated in the original home of the British Worsted Spinning Industry, West Yorkshire Spinners combines state of the art technology with generations of expertise and unrivalled know-how to produce British hand knitting yarns and knitted garments of exceptional quality.

West Yorkshire Spinners are extremely proud of their British Heritage and are one of the few remaining worsted spinning companies left in the United Kingdom. They firmly believe that knowing where the raw material comes from guarantees that the quality of the finished product is consistently high.

They source all their own raw material which is then produced into knitting yarn in their state of the art factory based in West Yorkshire. This reduces their carbon footprint and also enables them to manufacture at a very low cost. We feel our prices reflect these factors and gives us the opportunity to pass on the savings to you our customers.

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*NEW* Signature 4ply - Fairy Lights *Limited Edition Christmas Yarn*
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Belmont
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Bixter
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Feltar
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Laxfirth
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Lerwick
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Melby
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Norwick
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Ollaberry
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*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Seafield
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Sullom
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Tresta
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Voxter
Bo Peep DK - Buttercup
Bo Peep DK - Carousel
Bo Peep DK - Cheeky Chops
Bo Peep DK - Hopscotch
Bo Peep DK - Lollipop
Bo Peep DK - Magic
Bo Peep DK - Piglet
Bo Peep DK - Pixie
Bo Peep DK - Rascal
Bo Peep DK - Sail Boat
Bo Peep DK - Space Hopper
Bo Peep DK - Spellbound
Bo Peep DK - Splash Time
Bo Peep DK - Teddy Bear
Bo Peep DK - Tin Man
Bo Peep DK - Tooth Fairy
Bo Peep DK - Under The Sea
Bo Peep DK - Unicorn
Signature 4ply - Blackcurrant Bomb
Signature 4ply - Blue Lagoon
Only 3 left!
Signature 4ply - Blue Raspberry
Signature 4ply - Blue Tit
Signature 4ply - Blueberry Bonbon
Only 3 left!
94 results
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