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We have a carefully curated selection of yarns featuring brands such as Baa Ram Ewe, West Yorkshire Spinners and Toft.
128 results
*NEW* Signature 4ply - Fairy Lights *Limited Edition Christmas Yarn*
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Belmont
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Bixter
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Feltar
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Laxfirth
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Lerwick
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Melby
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Norwick
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Ollaberry
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Seafield
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Sullom
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Tresta
*NEW* The Croft - Aran - Voxter
Alaska (Various Colours)
Baltic (Various Colours)
Barisienne (Various Colours)
Barisienne 12 (Various Colours)
Barisienne 7 (Various Colours)
Blizzard (Various Colours)
Bo Peep DK - Buttercup
Bo Peep DK - Carousel
Bo Peep DK - Cheeky Chops
Bo Peep DK - Hopscotch
Bo Peep DK - Lollipop
Bo Peep DK - Magic
Bo Peep DK - Piglet
Bo Peep DK - Pixie
Bo Peep DK - Rascal
Bo Peep DK - Sail Boat
Bo Peep DK - Space Hopper
Bo Peep DK - Spellbound
Bo Peep DK - Splash Time
Bo Peep DK - Teddy Bear
Bo Peep DK - Tin Man
Bo Peep DK - Tooth Fairy
Bo Peep DK - Under The Sea
128 results
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