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Colour;: Tilda


Welcome to our Block Builder subscription!

Do you want to expand on your patchwork skills? Want to carve out some time for you each month? Want to have a surprise gift to come though your letterbox each month? Want to build a patchwork block library?

We hear you! Each month you will receive a special curated box, containing a pattern card for a 9'' block with more than enough fabric to make two blocks along with a colour matched thread from your selected style;

Chose Tilda for classic tones and Tilda charm.

Chose Modern Brights for bold colourful prints from the likes of Alison Glass and Giucy Giuce.

Choose Traditional for soft florals from designers such as Edyta Sitar. 

Each block can be constructed by either traditional piecing, foundation piecing or English paper piecing. You will receive the instructions and templates required for all three methods each month.

Each month there will also an a short video to show you how to construct the block should you prefer to learn through watching rather than written instructions. Throughout your journey with Block Builder your skills will develop whilst your create your own library of bocks.

This is an ongoing subscription, you can stop at any time or carry on until you have a complete library of blocks.

The blocks and fabrics shown are for illustrative purposes only to give you an idea on the kind of blocks that you will make and the style of each group of fabrics; Tilda, Modern Brights and Traditional. The fabrics you will receive will not be as shown but may include the fabrics shown. 

Can I cancel my subscription?
Yes! Absolutely, our subscription service can be cancelled or paused at any time, just log into your account to do this before the 1st of the month! This is all controlled by you with the click of a button, we can also do this for you if you get stuck, just pop us an email with the subject Block Builder - Patchwork and we will be happy to help.

When do you take payment and when will I get my box?
We take your first payment when you subscribe and for all future boxes we take payment on the 1st of the month and your box will be shipped by the 30th of the month. If your payment fails we will try again for the next three days before your subscription will be cancelled.
i.e if you sign up on the 20th February your first payment will be taken on the 20th February ready for your first box in March and your next payment will be taken on 1st April.

What level of sewing skills do I need?

I would recommend that you have used a sewing machine before and ideally a rotary cutter but no previous patchwork experience is necessary.

Can I purchase a subscription box as a one off Gift?

Yes absolutely, sign up and after the first box has been shipped simply sign in and pause or cancel your subscription.

Do I need to use a sewing machine?
No! It is certainly easier if you have a sewing machine but these blocks can easily be sewn together by hand. It has been so important to me to make Block Builder accessible to everybody.

Do I need any other equipment?
I would strongly recommend a 24'' patchwork ruler and a rotary cutter such as the olfactory 45mm as this will make your blocks more accurate.

Are there a limited number of subscription boxes available?
Yes! Each month there will be a limited amount of boxes available as we have to source the fabric and have the patterns printed. As soon as we are full we will close subscriptions for that month, so please don't leave it too late to subscribe or you may miss that months box. 

Have a question that hasn't been answered?
Pop us an email with the subject Block Builder - Patchwork and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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