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Traditional narrow elastic used in millinery and bridal wear. Suitable for garters, gathering softer fabrics, and strengthening cuffs and welts in knitwear. 

Add elastic to secure bridal headwear and school or sun hats to hold them firmly in place.


Make sock garters to prevent long socks falling down.

Strengthening Cuffs & Welts in knitwear

Thread through the ribbing on the hem or cuff of a knitted sweater to restore or give the rib more elasticity

Gathering soft fabrics

Use narrow elastic to gather in the fullness of the fabric on a sleeve, neckline or at the waist.

Colour - White
Length - x 4m.
Type - Pre-packaged

Please note that the width of the elastic determines its tension or strength. Use narrow elastic or light tension or wider for heavier tension.

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