Scheepjes - The After Party no.18 - Crochet Between The Lines Shawl - Crochet Whirl

£1.00 YTAP18-20UK


The wait is over! The famous knitting pattern designed by Tammy from Canadutch, called ‘Read Between the Lines’ has been adapted into a crochet pattern and made available as an After Party. The shawl features an enchanting illusion, aided by the use of the illusion crochet techniques. Thanks to Tammy's magic, the crocheted shawl is even completely reversible! To get started on this pattern, you will need 2 Whirl cakes, you can also use Woolly Whirl, Frosted Whirl or a combination of any of these yarns.

Two whirls in contrasting colours are needed to complete this shawl.

The colours used in the image are

758 Lavenderlicious

773 Blackcurrant Squeeze Me 

The longest straight edge of this shawl measured 180cm and the width at the widest point is 125cm.

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