H57 - Tilda Old Rose - Lydia - Raspberry (47cm End of Bolt)

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47cm remnant

Using elements from two of the most popular fabrics through Tilda’s 20 year history as an inspiration, they have made an array of vintage rose patterns you can combine and chose from to give any project a quintessential vintage Tilda charm.

Colour matched thread - 
Brand - Tilda Old Rose
Width - 112cm / 44inches
Weight - Medium / 150gsm
Type - Craft Cotton / Quilting Cotton
Composition - 100% Cotton
Washing - 30 deg machine wash

* We recommend pre washing and drying all of your fabric(s) prior to making your garment in the same manner as you would do with all subsequent washes to remove any shrinkage.
* We would recommend that you purchase enough fabric to complete your project as with all fabrics the dye lots can differ slightly between bolts.

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