Gutermann 250m Sew-all Thread - 868

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The Gütermann Sew-all Thread is a versatile sewing thread suitable for all materials and seams. It is exceptionally suitable for stitching with the sewing machine and by hand, regardless of the stitch type - the Sew-all Thread is designed to handle all demands as it combines the excellent sewing properties of silk with all the strength and durability that polyester has to offer.

This particularly high-quality and uniform sewing thread guarantees optimal sewing without fiber lint and seam crimping with the finest needles, from needle size NM 60. Strong and durable seams result from the high tear and abrasion resistance of the sewing thread.

The advantages

Made in Germany
100% Polyester
Suitable for all materials and seams
No fiber lint with sewing
Tear-resistant with more than 50% seam resistance reserve
Suitable for sewing with the sewing machine and by hand
No thick and thin areas, optimum sewing security
Use for closing and quilting seams
Use for overlock and safety seams
Use for button holes and for sewing on buttons
Use for fine ornamental stitches and decorative seams
Recommended needle and needle size: universal needle NM 70 - 90

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