Hemline Shirring Elastic - White

£1.90 H600

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Thin polyester elastic for use in smocking, gathering (hand or machine) and strengthening knitwear cuffs and welts. 

To gather with smocking thread by machine; Hand wind wind shirring elastic onto a sewing machine bobbin, stretching it as you wind. Use a regular sewing thread in the needle and stitch parallel rows of straight stitching with right side of fabric uppermost. The more rows you stitch, the ore it gathers. If desired, finish with embroidery stitches over the gathered rows

To gather with smocking by hand; Use a large eyed needle and a running stitch, sew parallel lines. Anchor shirring thread at one end and pull up thread at the other end to gather. Finish with embroidery stitches over the gathered rows.

Strengthening Cuffs & Welts in the Knitwear
Thread through the ribbing on the hem or cuff of a knitted sweater to give the rib more elasticity

Gathering Soft Fabrics
Gather in the fullness of the fabric on a sleeve or at the waist of a garment 

Colour - White
Length - 0.75mm x 20m
Type - Pre-packaged

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