Odif Fabric Oilcloth Coating - Odicoat: 250ml

£18.04 ODICOAT

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Odif OdiCoat comes in a gel form and transforms fabric into a coated, waterproof and machine washable fabric much like oil cloth! Once you have treated the fabric it can be sewn, cut and cleaned if desired! Whats special about this product is that it possesses a great resistance to wear and is machine washable at 30°C.

Add this product to your sewing box ready to make those wash bags, aprons and waterproof tablecloths! 

This product in a 250ml tub.

Wash your fabric before treating it with Odif OdiCoat.
Work on a non stick surface (i.e. silicone craft sheet).  
Spread a thin layer of OdiCoat with the OdiCoat card or a flat brush.
Allow to dry for 20 minutes and iron on satin setting, without steam, protecting with baking paper.
Depending on the desired effect, apply a 2nd and then a 3rd coat.
After each application, allow to dry for 20 minutes and dry iron on satin setting, protected with parchment paper.

The Odicoat is completely dry after 24 hours.

Apply direct with a brush or a card.

Made in France.
Machine washable.
Bisphenol free.
Transforms most fabric into coated fabric.

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