Odif Stabiliser - Fabric Booster: 500ml

£14.00 ODFB200

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Odif fabric booster allows you to temporarily stiffen fabrics to aid cutting and sewing. This product turns the most delicate fabrics into a form similar to paper making it much easier to cut intricate shapes and sew them together.
To reverse the effects of the fabric booster, simply wash the fabric and its normal form will return. This is a great product to have on hand when your fabric just won't behave itself!

This product comes in two sizes 200ml and 500 ml bottle(s).

Protect work surface.
Shake well before each use.
Spray Odif Fabric Booster evenly from 10 inches away directly onto the fabric.
Spread the product evenly with a brush if a large amount is sprayed in one area.
Allow to dry flat or hang to dry.
For air drying wait 30 minutes.
For faster drying, iron in satin position, protecting with baking paper.
Test beforehand for any new fabric or fragile materials such as satin, organza, viscose etc...
Do not use below 5°C.
Always carry out a test on the fabric beforehand.

Spray distance;
Spray from 10 inches away with a side to side motion.

Made in France.
Stiffens all fabrics.
Reversible effect
Ideal for embroidery or sewing.

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