Scheepjes - The After Party no.19 - Read Between The Lines Shawl - Knitted Whirl

£1.00 YTAP19-20UK

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This shawl is made using the illusion knitting technique. The combination of colour and stitches creates a unique look to the shawl depending on which angle you view it from!

Stitch markers are optional but are very handy in helping to keep track of when to knit and purl. Illusion knitting requires a close garter stitch. For this reason, do not block too harshly. Lay it out to shape and let it dry naturally without stretching. 

Two whirl's are needed to complete this shawl.

The colour used in the image is - 753 Slice O Cherry Pie and 754 Green Tea Tipple

Width: (cast off edge) 150cm (59'')
Length: (longer straight edge) 180cm (71'')

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