Scheepjes - The After Party no.13 - Essence Shawl - Knitted Whirl

£1.00 YTAP13-20UK

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This is an asymmetrical shawl knitted from the bottom point to a straight flat edge finish. The shawl increases by one stitch on every RS row.

Work to your own personal and comfortable tension. The tension and measurements given are a guide based on the designers tension which is natural tight.

Designed for all levels of experience this is a relaxing project that will result in a reversible fabric. Whilst the pattern is written for right and wrong sides it is entirely up to you as to which way you prefer to wear your finished shawl.

One whirl is needed to complete this shawl.

The colour used in the image is - 753 Slice O Cherry Pie

The longest straight edge of this shawl measured 220cm and the width at the widest point is 125cm.

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